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Digital Media Services

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Creating powerful video content is one thing, making it as accessible to as many end users is another. Our digital media services allow you to maximise your target audience, making your video content accessible through all major web devices from conventional pc’s and laptops, to mobile devices and tablets.

Web Video Platforms

A custom branded web TV platform integrates smoothly into your digital marketing strategy and can fast become the most valuable communication tool for your business or organisation.

Allowing you to control branding as well as content you can build a strong web presence with the web’s strongest media.

A web video platform allows you to control your content and ensure it is accessible to the desired audience through Search Engine Marketing, Social Media and as a part of your other marketing tools.

Embed Codes

With a web TV platform you have the ability to create embed codes for 3rd party content placement on other websites or digital media.

Interactive Digital Brochures

Embed codes and hyperlinks allow you to use video click throughs on digital brochures, eletters, or as a part of presentation content.

Digital Media Displays

Digital displays are fast becoming a great way communicate with footfall be it at exhibition or in a public space. We manage content, and offer attractive remuneration packages for managing digital displays in public space which attracts a high level of footfall. Contact us for more details.

Video Emarketing

Using video content as a part of your emarketing campaigns is a great way to stand out from the crowd and engage with your target audience. Updates, offers, competitions and promotions can be promoted using web presenters and motion graphics.

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