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Project Planning

Ideation | Storyboarding | Campaign Set Up | Analytics

Realise the benefits, but not sure quite how to achieve your goals?

Our video digital media skills, and video production skills are ideal for scheming, creating powerful messages and most importantly making sure as many relevant people as possible watch your content!

We work with you to pre define your target audience, set clear aims for video content, and define clear points to actions for end users to engage with your content.

Maximising ROI

Our clients usually ask some simple questions which have been key to us developing a business-centric video production and digital media model. Here are some:

What will this campaign cost us?    What will be our return on investment?

How can we be sure this campaign will work?    Can you prove it?

And we say...

We recommend looking at cost versus benefit not just cost. To put it simply, you could spend £1500 on a campaign and not achieve a great deal due to budget constraints, or you could spend £5000 and achieve an instant return of £15000, with a sizable chunk of leads for you to work at. Planning and careful strategy definition is key to creating happy clients.

ROI in measured in terms of sales, leads, exposure, shifts in thinking due to awareness raising, increases in web traffic or social media engagement. We work with you to ensure you have thought this through and we are ALL clear as to what is expected. It is no use saying after a campaign "but I thought …", so we ask the question at the beginning to ensure each and every campaign we create is a success.

Key to ensuring campaign success is setting clear objectives, and making sure everyone is aware of these. The content we create is not only to a pre defined end user audience, but has follow up actions pre defined to ensure the impact of any content we create is not lost and can be instantly followed up clearly visible calls to action. These could be:

Sign ups for an event, registration for a competition, a call back or request for a consultation, a purchase option for instant uptake, or pretty much whatever you want it to be.

We set up analytics for each campaign to allow you to see the key successes. Views, view retention, click throughs, social media engagement, sign ups, leads and right down to cost per lead. Our digital media skills allow us to not only measure but also to analyse campaign success ensuring each and every campaign we embark on as good as it can be.

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